Insurance at the Cresta

The Club strongly urges that all riders arrange their own insurance before coming to St Moritz. It is important to check whether riding the Cresta Run is covered, as some policies specifically exclude tobogganing or skeleton riding. Moreover, some policies, whilst covering tobogganing and/or the Cresta Run do not cover the rider if partaking in a race.

Riders may purchase accident insurance that covers riding the Cresta Run at the Clubhouse. The Policy available at the Clubhouse is renegotiated every year so terms and conditions can vary and the cover available is very strictly limited.  It is extremely important that you are aware of the limitations provided by this cover and further details can be seen here.

Do I need an EHIC Card?

All EU Nationals should carry an EHIC card and all UK Nationals should carry a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) card. The card is not a substitute for travel/accident insurance. It should be used in conjunction with appropriate insurance. Riders are strongly urged to take out appropriate insurance that covers the Cresta Run as an addition to their usual travel insurance before departing for St Moritz.  Please see further details here.