Terms & Conditions of Riding the Cresta Run


1. The St Moritz Tobogganing Club AG is solely responsible for the operation and management of the Cresta Run in accordance with its rules, and the St Moritz Tobogganing Club Ltd (“the Club”) shall not be liable to any Member in respect of any loss, damage or injury suffered by a Member in connection with his/her participation on the Cresta Run.

2. The Club shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that Members have access to the Cresta Run. The Members acknowledge that the Cresta Run is operated by the St Moritz Tobogganing Club AG and that use of the Cresta Run by each Member must be in accordance with the rules set out by the St Moritz Tobogganing Club AG from time to time.  This also applies to Beginners and SL riders.

Rules for all Riders on the Cresta Run.  

3. All riders must wear a full-face helmet on the Run. All riders are personally responsible for the suitability, quality and condition of the helmet they wear.

4. All riders must be able to carry their toboggan and lift it in and out of the Run.

5. All riders must check each day that they ride whether any notices are posted on the Dressing Room door pertaining to any changes to the Run that have been made from the previous day.

6. All riders must accept that they ride at their own risk and will not be permitted to ride unless they have signed the back of their application card accepting this risk or, in the case of Members of the Club, given electronic consent by signing in to ride at one of the Kiosks before their first ride in a season, accepting the following:

  • 'Whether as a Member or as a SL rider I ride the Cresta Run because I freely choose to do so. I do so as an individual and do not regard the arrangement whereunder I do so as a commercial or business arrangement.
  • ‘I acknowledge that tobogganing on this Run is dangerous. I willingly accept the risk that I may suffer injury in using the Run. I acknowledge that, if that should happen, no liability will attach to the operator of the Run, its officers, servants, agents or its contractors or to any other rider using the Run. I acknowledge that this exclusion of liability extends, to the extent legally permissible, to all accidents relating to the use of the Run even if any of the aforesaid has been at fault.
  • 'I acknowledge that such exclusion of liability extends to all errors of design, construction and manufacture, to all equipment used or provided for use on the Run and to all aspects of the operation, management and use of the Run.
  • ‘I use the Run as a consequence of my own choice and decision and I have taken the opportunity (or do not wish to take the opportunity) to familiarise myself with such risks as I take and dangers as I may face.  I agree to check, before riding, any notices posted on the Dress Room door pertaining to any changes to the Run that have been made from the previous day.
  • ‘I also acknowledge that legal proceedings of any kind arising out of my use of the Run shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Court in Maloja, Switzerland and exclusively subject to Swiss Law without reference to its conflict of laws principles. That applies equally to any dispute arising with the operator of the Run or its officers, servants or employees or other riders and to all legal processes arising out of my use of the Run whether they be in contract, tort, delict or otherwise howsoever.
  • ‘In acknowledging that I visit and use the Run entirely at my own risk and that neither the operator of the Run nor any of its officers, servants or agents or its contractors or any other rider shall be under any liability whatsoever to me, I undertake both for myself and for my heirs and dependants and for my successors that neither I nor they will make any claim against the operator of the Run , its officers, servants, agents or contractors or such other rider whether for death, personal injury or otherwise arising out of my use of the Run as a result of anything done or that may have been omitted to be done and which affects that use of the Run.'
  • ‘I confirm that I am not aware that I have any medical condition* that makes it inadvisable for me to ride the Cresta Run.'
  • *In the case of lady riders, this includes pregnancy.  PREGNANT LADIES MAY NOT RIDE THE CRESTA RUN as riding may put you or your unborn child at risk.  Please confirm the following:
  • ‘I am not pregnant, or likely to be pregnant.'

7. The sole executive charge of the Run during the hours it is open shall be in the hands of the Secretary or, in his absence, his nominee who shall be responsible for the entire conduct of the Run.  The Secretary (or his nominee) shall have power to warn off the course and/or out of the Clubhouse for as long as he may in his discretion decide any person who in his opinion rides or behaves recklessly, dangerously or improperly.

8. Insurance
All riders should arrange their own insurance before coming to St Moritz. 
It is important to check whether the Cresta Run is covered, as some policies specifically exclude tobogganing or skeleton riding.  Moreover, some policies, whilst covering tobogganing and/or the Cresta Run, do not cover the rider if taking part in a race.
Riders may purchase insurance at the Clubhouse. It is made available through the operator of the Run for the benefit of those who have arrived at the Cresta without proper insurance, and who do not wish to delay riding while they investigate alternatives. The operator of the Run receives a commission from the insurers for the work involved, but does not act for individuals taking out the insurance, and owes no duty to such individuals. 
The Club gives no assurances, and makes no representations, as to the merits of the Policy, and has no responsibility to a rider in respect of any uninsured or unpaid claim. The Policy available at the Clubhouse is renegotiated every year and terms and conditions can vary.  Based on previous policies (which may not apply next season) it should be noted:

  • It is only available for those aged 16-69. (Those aged 65-69 must pay a double premium.)
  • All EU citizens should carry an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card). All UK Riders should carry a UK GHIC card (Global Health Insurance Card).
  • Non-EU/UK nationals are strongly advised to purchase medical and repatriation insurance in their country of residence before riding, as the excess payable on each part of a claim is £1,000 and this amount may increase in the future, or insurers may refuse to cover residents from countries outside the UK or EU.
  • In the event of a possible claim, riders must contact the specialist assistance providers prior to incurring costs.  
  • There are limits both in the period of time allowed for, and the expense of, follow-up treatment once a rider has returned home.
  • Standard conditions also apply. (e.g. pre-existing conditions not advised (including pregnancy), influence of drugs/alcohol voiding cover, etc.)
  • The insured rider remains directly liable for any bills which are not paid by the insurers.

To arrange insurance at the Clubhouse, see a member of the Secretariat when registering.

All EU Nationals should carry an EHIC card. The card is extremely easy to apply for on-line. This page gives links to all the appropriate EU member states’ sites. All UK Nationals should carry a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card). You can apply for a GHIC here. These card are not a substitute for travel/accident insurance. They will not cover private medical care, repatriation, helicopter/mountain rescue, theft or loss, to give some examples, but should be used in conjunction with appropriate insurance. All Riders are strongly urged to take out appropriate insurance that covers the Cresta Run as an addition to their usual travel insurance before departing for St Moritz.

Riders on the Supplementary List (Beginners & SLs)

10. A person over 18 who is not a Member of the Club and who wishes to ride the Cresta Run may apply for SL Membership, which shall terminate automatically at the close of each season.  A person wishing to use the Run in a subsequent season must make a fresh application for SL Membership. 

  • Beginner is a person who has never ridden the Cresta Run.  Beginners receive special treatment on their first day of riding: an introductory talk from the Secretary and instruction before their first 3 rides from the Club 'Gurus' - senior SMTC Members with vast experience of teaching new riders how to ride. After the first day ever of riding the Cresta Run, Beginners are then known as SLs or SL Riders.
  • An SL or SL Rider is a person who has ridden before but is not a Member of the Club.
  • The Secretary has absolute discretion to accept or refuse any application for SL Membership. If at any time during the season the Secretary is of the opinion that the conduct of an SL Member is, or may be, such as to be injurious to the interests or reputation of the Club, or inconsistent with his/her status as a temporary member, the Secretary may forthwith terminate the SL Membership. 

11. Arrival Times
Beginners & SL Riders should be aware that:

  • Riding in December: Beginners must arrive by 0745 at the latest. SLs must arrive by 0800 at the latest.  The Run opens at 0830.
  • Riding in January & February: Beginners must arrive by 0715 at the latest. SLs must arrive by 0730 at the latest. The Run opens at 0800.

12. Applicants for SL Membership, whether Beginners or SL Riders must, before opening time, on their first day of a season:

  • Complete and sign the front and rear of the application card.
  • Enter or confirm their name on the appropriate Practice List.
  • Take their application card to the Secretariat in the Bar to register and pay. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

13. If, after payment of the Entrance Fee, the application for SL Membership is accepted, an SL Member is entitled to the following:

  • Up to five rides on the Run.  In normal circumstances this may involve riding on up to three practice days.
  • Thereafter such extra rides as maybe available, subject to the priority of Active Member.
  • Free use of equipment.
  • SLs may enter to ride in races at the discretion of the Secretary.  They will normally be deemed to be RnR (Riding but not Racing).
  • Use of all Clubhouse facilities upon days and at times when riding.  At all other times the SL Member must be signed in by a Member and wear the appropriate Badge.  With the permission of the Secretariat, SL Members may bring a guest, for whom a Day Guest Badge must be purchased, on the days they are riding. 

14. Riding Fees for Beginners & SLs
Category                                                           First 5 rides           Extra rides
Beginner (aged 30 or over on 1st December)        SFr.  700                SFr.55
Beginner (aged under 30 on 1st December)         SFr.  700                SFr.39
SL (aged 30 or over on 1st December)                 SFr. 500                 SFr.55
NALMs (aged 30 or over on 1st December)         n/a                        SFr.55
SL & NALMs (aged under 30 on 1st December) n/a                        SFr.39
The Entrance Fee is returnable only if the application for SL Membership is not accepted or no single ride is available to the SL Rider during his stay.  Extra Rides will be recorded by the operator of the Run, and every SL Rider must pay for them in the Clubhouse on their last riding day and before leaving St Moritz.  
Unused rides are not transferable to subsequent seasons or to another rider.

Privacy Policy

15. The Club has a legitimate interest to hold and use data, including data about Active, Non-Active and SL Members, to allow the efficient administration and management of Club business.  Such processing is also necessary, in many cases, to enable us to fulfil our agreement with Members and riders.  This is explained in a Privacy Notice on the website which explains in considerable detail how this data will be stored and used, our grounds for processing, and what your rights are under the new regulations.  Copies can also be obtained from the Membership Secretary.The Club will continue to publish the daily riding results on the website, to circulate these to those who have subscribed to the service, to publish the Annual Report with riding records and Members’ addresses and to distribute this to Members.  Members can choose at any time not to have their information shared in this way by contacting the Membership Secretary in which case it will be removed from subsequent editions of the Annual Report.  The Club also has a right to protect its reputation.  Information contained on the Club’s Website and in the Annual Report should only be used for legitimate purposes, such as to enable Members to arrange social activities with other Members.  The data should not be used for any other purpose.  Please also respect the privacy of other Members and riders when using social media, and do not post anything which might bring the Club into disrepute.  We expect all riders to respect these fundamental principles of the Club.