Insurance at the Cresta

The Club recommends that all riders arrange their own insurance before coming to St Moritz. It is important to check whether the Cresta Run is covered, as some policies specifically exclude tobogganing or skeleton riding. Moreover, some policies, whilst covering tobogganing and/or the Cresta Run do not cover the rider if partaking in a race.

Riders may purchase insurance at the Clubhouse. It is made available through the operator of the Run for the benefit of those who have arrived at the Cresta without proper insurance, and who do not wish to delay riding while they investigate alternatives. The operator of the Run receives a commission from the insurers for the work involved, but does not act for individuals taking out the insurance, and owes no duty to such individuals. The operator of the Run gives no assurances, and makes no representations, as to the merits of the Policy, and has no responsibility to a rider in respect of any uninsured or unpaid claim. The Policy available at the Clubhouse is renegotiated every year and terms and conditions can vary.  Based on previous policies (which may not apply next season) it should be noted: 

It is Accident, not Travel, insurance. It will cover only Emergency Medical Expenses and it is not available to cover Private Medical care, cancellation of event or trip, delay, loss or theft of personal baggage etc.  It will only cover the Cresta Run, Bobsleigh and Skeleton. It will not cover any other winter sport (e.g. skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, langlauf, etc., or even falling in the street).

  • It is only available for those aged 16-69. (Those aged 65-69 must pay a double premium)
  • All EU citizens should carry an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). 
  • Riders not eligible for an EHIC will face an excess of £1,000 on each part of any claim.
  • In the event of a possible claim, riders must contact the specialist assistance providers prior to incurring costs.
  • There are limits both in the period of time allowed for, and the expense of, follow-up treatment once a rider has returned home.
  • Standard conditions also apply. (e.g. pre-existing conditions not advised, influence of drugs/alcohol voiding cover, etc)
  • The insured rider remains directly liable for any bills which are not paid by the insurers.

To arrange insurance at the Clubhouse, see one of the staff when registering.

Do I need an EHIC Card?

All EU Nationals should carry an EHIC card. The card is extremely easy to apply for on-line. The European Commission website gives links to all the appropriate EU member states’ sites, including the United Kingdom.

For UK Riders, available advice would suggest that when the UK leaves the EU on 31st December 2020, EHICs will no longer be valid. In this eventuality (and in the absence of any certainty about the Brexit negotiations) the Club strongly urges riders to take out appropriate insurance that covers the Cresta Run as an addition to their usual travel insurance before departing for St Moritz. Swiss medical care is superb, but it is expensive.

The card is not a substitute for travel/accident insurance. It will not cover private medical care, repatriation, helicopter/mountain rescue, theft or loss, to give some examples, but should be used in conjunction with appropriate insurance.