The Supplementary List

A Supplementary List Rider or 'SL' is a rider who has been through the Beginners’ Course and is either completing their first visit to the Cresta Run, or has ridden in previous seasons and returned to ride again.

A Beginner is someone who has never ridden the Cresta Run before and receives special treatment on their first day of riding: an introductory talk from the Secretary and instruction, before their first 3 rides, from the Club ‘Gurus’ – senior SMTC Members with vast experience of teaching new riders how to ride. A rider is only a Beginner on the first day ever of riding the Cresta Run. After that they are deemed to be SL Riders.

Returning SLs in 2024/25

As a returning SL there is no need to book. On your first day of the season you will need to arrive at the Clubhouse on time, add your name to the SL Practice List, collect your kit, complete a registration form and go upstairs to the Bar to pay.

Entering Races

SLs may enter for races at the discretion of the Secretary. They will be deemed to be RnR (Riding but Not Racing). Check with the Secretariat before adding your name to the race entry list in the Dressing Room.

Arrival Times

Riding in December: SLs must arrive by 0800 at the latest. The Run opens at 0830.
Riding in January & February: SLs must arrive by 0730 at the latest. The Run opens at 0800.

Please note that if you arrive any later than these times, you will not be allowed to ride. 

How much does it cost to ride as an SL?

SLs over the age of 30 pay CHF 500 for their first 5 rides and CHF 55 per ride thereafter. SLs under the age of 30 pay CHF 39 per ride (with no premium on their first 5 rides). This includes the equipment (helmet, boots with rakes, handguards, elbow and knee pads and a toboggan).


SLs must pay for their initial rides when they arrive on their first morning at the Clubhouse. Payment can be made in cash or by major credit card. Additional rides must be paid for when riders have finished riding on their last day.

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