Ride the Cresta


Beginners can book a slot for their first day of riding by choosing a practice session from our calendar and following the instructions from there. Beginners are required to review and agree to our Terms and Conditions. You can find out more about riding as a beginner here.

Returning Riders

During the 2021/22 season Supplementary List riders can book for your first day of riding in a season, by selecting a Practice day in the calendar and following the instructions from there. You only need to book for your first day of riding. We assume that you will return to ride on subsequent days. SLs may enter to ride in races at the discretion of the Secretary. They will normally be deemed to be RnR (Riding but not Racing).
You can find out more about riding as a supplementary list rider here.

Ladies Riding Dates

Ladies will be able to use the Run at the supervision of the Secretary (or his nominee) on days specified in the Fixture List as follows:

  1. University Students and NALMs (Non-Active Life Members) during the University Event(s).
  2. During specified mixed riding days in January, to include NALMs and invited lady guests.
  3. During the Services weeks, to include NALMs.
  4. During the last week of the season. The traditional Ladies Event will be open to female NALMs and by invitation to Beginners & SLs.
  5. At the discretion of the Secretary, NALMs and invited guests may ride on other days of the season.


Members may enter races either through the website by clicking on the entry link for an event in the calendar on the website or by entering their name on the entry list in the Dressing Room.