Photos & Videos

Our excellent in-house photographer produces photographs of each day's riding and events. Each day her imagery is available for perusal and purchase both from the Clubhouse and from the internet.  Her photographs for the 2019/20 season can be seen on and you can email any queries (for example, to make up albums of your season's riding or if you have particular requests) to  

We also have an in-house videographer, taking videos of the riding every day.  Email if you would like him to compile a record of your riding or specific daily videos.


The 150 Years of Winter Sports Video

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Winter Tourism (1864-2014), the SMTC commissioned the following video from Ryan Larraman of Crestaphotos. We are proud of our long association with St Moritz and the Engadine and the friendship that binds us.

The 125th Anniversary Video by Ryan Larraman

Cresta Photos from Previous Seasons

If you are seeking images from past seasons, the Larraman brothers would be happy to help.  With 19 years of photographic and video history, it is a phenomenal archive of riding and the Club.  Please visit for more details.

Cresta Videos

Our videographer captures the riding and events and events and in St Moritz the daily videos can be viewed in the bars of the Steffani, the Soldanella and Kulm Hotels from 7 p.m. onwards. Regular day videos, custom videos of particular rides are all available for purchase.